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NJ Water Pump Out Service

Need a NJ water pump out service right away? When a flood or other water disaster strikes, contact Statewide for help 24 hours a day.

Pumping the water out of a flooded basement is one of the first tasks most people undertake once a flood devastates their home or business. A basement full of water is a structural and environmental hazard. Never enter a flooded basement without checking the electricity. Be sure the main circuit breakers for your home or business are shut off before entering. Electrocution can happen with only minimal flood damage. Make sure you do not attempt to go into a flooded basement alone, always have someone with you in the case of an emergency.

24/7 NJ Water Pump Out Service for Emergency Flood Situations

Statewide offers NJ water pump out service 24/7. Our technicians are trained to work around flooded basements and they can pump out your basement safely using vacuum, mechanical, or electrical pumps. We have an arsenal of pumps and trash pumps that can remove thousands of gallons of water quickly and safely.

Once we are finished with the NJ water pump out service, we will begin the water damage restoration process. We will extract the remainder of water and then start the dry down process. We will check the walls for moisture and determine the amount of equipment and type of anti-microbial agent that is needed to dry and sanitize the basement as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our technicians will monitor the moisture content of your sheetrock, paneling or concrete to make sure that they are dried properly to avoid mold, before removing any equipment. If you should have a mold problem, Statewide can offer mold remediation services.

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