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NJ Odor Removal – Odorox

Statewide provides professional NJ odor removal services using Odorox, an amazing new technology that scrubs contaminated indoor air and penetrates surfaces to remove tough odors. This service may be used following any kind of mold damage and smoke damage. It can also be used in homes that have a musty odor, cigarette or cigar odors, cooking spice odors (Curry, Cumin, Garlic) , or any other kind of tough odor that has permeated surfaces and cannot be removed by traditional cleaning methods.

All Natural NJ Odor Removal Technology

The Odorox technology involves UV light to create air scrubbing molecules called hydroxyls. Hydroxyls occur in nature and work to cleanse the environment. These molecules are created within the Odorox machines as air is pulled through. This cleanses the air within the chamber and also creates more air scrubbing hydroxyl molecules that are released back in to the environment. Those molecules then seek out and destroy other odor-containing molecules in the environment, including bacteria, viruses, VOCs and other contaminants. This ensures that every odor causing molecule is destroyed and the air and environment are completely cleansed and restored to its original condition.

The process is much more effective than any other type of cleaning method because air and surfaces are penetrated at the molecular level. It is completely safe, environmentally friendly and involves no fumes, harsh chemicals or toxic substances. It is 100% green and can be used around humans and animals with no side effects.

If you have had any kind of fire or smoke damage, recent mold damage or have any other kind of lingering odors, Statewide may be able to help. Read about how we recently helped a Realtor sell a home that had severe cigarette smoke odors using our odor removal services and Odorox machines.

Call us to discuss your specific project details and we can give you a recommendation for the best solution to your problem. You may also be interested in our other services including NJ mold testing, NJ mold removal or fire, and smoke damage clean up.

For more information about the amazing Odorox technology or to inquire about NJ odor removal services, contact Statewide today!

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