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NJ Hoarding Clean-Up

Statewide offers compassionate hoarding clean-up services for customers in NJ. We are experts at dealing with sensitive hoarding situations and will work with you to perform the job with respect and care. As professional damage restoration experts, we can also assist with mold infestation due to hoarding conditions or any other type of interior damage that needs to be repaired or restored.

The Truth About Hoarding

Hoarding is recognized as an actual psychological disorder. The disorder has to be addressed because the conditions the person lives in are both dangerous and unhealthy. Most people have some clutter in their homes, but for people with this disorder the clutter and disorganization of their things have taken over their lives. Some have the small trails that lead to their bed or their stove so that they can sleep and eat. Hoarders find it very difficult to make a decision about what to do with their possessions. Some doctors believe it is a very serious form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Most hoarders identify with their stuff and might feel if they discard things it will change who they are.

Compassionate NJ Hoarding Clean-Up Services

Statewide realizes the seriousness of this problem and treats all our customers with compassion and respect because getting their homes free of clutter is an emotional challenge for them. Our goal is to help them in any way we can by making all their decisions easy and stress free. The hardest decision is the first decision to clean their homes, the next ones will be easier because we will be by their side guiding them and helping them.

The hoarding clean-up process begins with a review of the situation and a well-defined plan of action. This plan is clearly communicated to those involved to make sure everyone is aware of exactly what needs to happen and how the clean-up process will be put in place. Hoarding clean-up is addressed room by room, step by step. Items that are salvageable are separated from items that are trash or those that cannot be saved. All garbage and environmental hazards are disposed of. Once the room is clear, all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized before any items are brought back in. Decisions can then be made regarding items that will remain in the home.

An unfortunate result of hoarding conditions is mold. Most homes have so much clutter that walkways and air vents are blocked. This can cause the floor to be constantly damp and dampness breeds mold. Mold is a serious problem and spreads quickly through the home if not properly addressed. Mold causes breathing problems and health problems. Luckily, Statewide specializes in mold remediation and will perform mold testing and remove any mold that may be growing in the home.

Contact Statewide for more information on our hoarding clean-up services. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you or your loved ones with this very difficult situation.

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