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Get Your Fire Damage Professionally Cleaned

Smoke damage not only looks bad, it smells bad. Over time, it can become a health hazard. Typically, smoke damage is caused by a fire, fire place, or smoking cigarettes indoors. The smoke and soot can break down the paint over time, even if it only affected one room initially.

Eventually, the smoke penetrates into other rooms of the house, breaking down paint, damaging your carpet, staining your upholstery and it can even become trapped inside of duct work. This leaves a nasty smell in your home that is impossible to get rid of. Even worse, the odor can permeate clothing and it can become impossible to get rid of.

During even a partial house fire, the smell of smoke can become deeply embedded in every surface of your home. When the fire department puts out the fire, they leave behind a sticky residue. If this soot, fire damage and flame retardant is not completely removed, it can develop into a serious mold problem.

Attempting Clean Up Yourself

While it may be tempting to attempt clean up on your own after a fire, professional help may be required. Even though you have good intentions, without the proper equipment, you could create further damage that could cost you thousands of extra dollars. You should always contact a local professional for any form of smoke damage cleaning in New Jersey, Call Statewide Emergency Restoration Services immediately for Fire Damage restoration in New Jersey. We will let you know if clean up can be performed by you, or whether a licensed professional should be used instead.

Statewide Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning Services

We specialize in emergency response smoke damage services and we work 24/7 to ensure that we are able to help every home that needs our care. In some cases, we can have a crew on site within 60 minutes of the scene being cleared.

We include the home owner in every job we work on, and take their emotions, keepsakes, and desire to save anything possible into consideration with every job we manage. The owner is also able to supervise the work for peace of mind that there is no further damage happening to their home, or business.

We are careful to evaluate each item in the home to determine whether it can be salvaged, refurbished or if it will need to be replaced. We also board up doors and windows to protect your belongings that are still inside the structure.

While we are there, we will provide you with free estimates on deep cleaning and deodorizing your home, to bring it back to what you are used to seeing.

When a disaster strikes your home, don’t waste any time. Call Statewide Emergency Restoration Services, the professional, expert, smoke damage repair and cleaning company in New Jersey at 732-238-3366.

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