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Need a Flooded Basement Cleaned Fast and Affordably? – Call Statewide Emergency Restoration Services

Basement flooding usually is unexpected because most modern homes have safeguards to prevent such an occurrence. Nevertheless, basement floods can occur. Here are a few things to know on how about dealing with one and preventing future occurrences:

Clean-up Procedures

  • Water removal – The first step in basement rehabilitation after flooding is to remove the excess water with high-pressure pumps. This process can be accomplished only after the water level on the outside of the property has subsided to a significant degree.
  • Structural rehabilitation – The second step is to remove damaged carpeting, sheet rock and other finishing materials so the structural integrity of the house can be examined and repaired.
  • Dehumidifying – Even after the removal of the damaged items, there will a significant amount of water in the flooded space. Dehumidifiers should be used to remove moisture from the air. Physical repairs to the space can then be started.

Future Prevention

  • Sealants – The first defense against water infiltration in a basement is with waterproof sealants on the walls and floors. Before any physical repairs are made, these products should be applied to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.
  • Trenches and drains – Water inevitably will infiltrate a basement space at one time or another. French drains, which are a series of trenches around the perimeter that feed into a collection space, are the second line of defense.
  • Sump pumps – Finally, the accumulation of water – whether incrementally or in a sudden surge – must be dealt with in an efficient and ongoing manner. A collection area and the use of sump pumps can affordably deal with this issue.

For more detailed information on these and other tips on how to prevent and otherwise deal with a basement flooding problem, please contact us at Statewide Emergency Restoration Services. We can be found online at or reached directly at 732-238-3366.

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